Our Story

Soulstorm Lasers started from humble beginnings. Since 2008 we have worked our way up from small nightclub events to the largest concerts and displays in the country. Our drive and motivation quickly created waves in the industry, and with investors on board we were able to bring two of the worlds best lasers (30W Arctos Stella units) to New Zealand in 2013. We now have a proven track record of consistently delivering high-quality displays, of being professional and working successfully with clients to achieve the best outcomes for events.

We are a highly passionate team who love to share the magic of lasers. However, we understand that the show is not all about lasers - we enjoy nothing more that achieving an amazing coordinated display as part of a team, where every aspect of the production has its chance to shine.


Soulstorm Lasers is committed to providing the highest level of safety, over and above what is required by law:

  • We have experience with large shows and using high-power lasers in challenging settings, and have an excellent track record

  • Undertake shows in accordance with AS/NZS IEC 60825.3:2016 ‘Safety of laser products - Part 3: Guidance for laser displays and shows’. We also voluntarily conform with international standards for laser safety. We hold international Laser Safety Officer (L.S.O.) certifications

  • We have a good working relationship with the NZ Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and always obtain clearances for outdoor events

  • Our equipment is inherently very safe (see equipment page)

  • We design shows to be safe by avoiding the audience or any sensitive equipment. In addition to software features such as beam attenuation maps, we physically blocking the laser output to sensitive areas

Soulstorm lasers in the media: