Lasers vs. video projectors for mapping

Lasers have three distinct advantages over video projectors when it comes to mapping buildings:

  • Lasers can map very large surfaces and can be used from long distances away from the mapping surface (up to several hundred metres), while video projectors need to be relatively close to the surface

  • Lasers are significantly brighter than video projectors, meaning the that mapping stands out and can be seen clearly from far away

  • The project can generally be done for a lot cheaper with lasers than video projectors, mainly due to less equipment being needed

sky Tower NYE Laser show

Our trademark show is the Sky Tower New Year’s Eve laser animation display and countdown, which can be seen all over Auckland on New Year’s Eve each year. The show is of national significance as New Zealand is the first major city to see in the New Year, so millions of people around the world are watching the live feed of the display via the BBC, The Guardian, CBS News and many other organisations.

We were the first to ever to map the Sky Tower, and have been doing this large scale show each year since NYE 2015. It features a custom designed 3-hour animation show on two sides of the tower, with unique characters, Maori designs, NZ flora and fauna. The display culminates in the epic 20m high timer that unites the city and leads the countdown into the New Year.

Check out some of the images of the show below.