Our equipment is one of the key factors that separates Soulstorm Lasers from our competition.


We own the brightest lasers in New Zealand: two 30W (30 watt) RRGBB Stellas, built in Germany by leading manufacturers Arctos Lasertechnik. These lasers are used by artists such as Roger Waters/Pink Floyd tours, Metallica, Muse, Madonna, Kanye West, Black Eyed Peas, Coldplay and many more. The lasers can also be seen on many film sets including Transformers and Oblivion.

The laser projectors feature:

  • 10W+ mixed frequency diode red

  • 10W+ OPSL green

  • 10W+ mixed frequency diode blue

  • EMS8000 scanners

These lasers set the industry standard for high end touring projectors, they are world renowned and absolutely reliable. They can be operated from a standard power outlet (<2kW power usage) with self-contained air cooling.


We also use Able Laser 5.3W RGB Prime units as support systems or for small to medium sized indoor venues.


We use Pangolin Beyond laser control software, which is the standard for professional, high end laser animation, show design and operation. For control hardware, we use Pangolin FB4 laser DAC.

safety equipment

Soulstorm Lasers is committed to providing the highest level of safety, over and above what is required by law. We use the following safety equipment:

  • Our lasers Incorporate both a rotary scan fail and an electronic scan fail system, providing the highest level of safety possible

  • We use an Ophir MPE laser safety meter to measure any audience scanning effects and ensure that safe levels are adhered to

  • We use a custom design emergency stop (E-Stop) systems built by Arctos Lasertechnik. This system has four kill switches, ensuring that the laser can be disabled from multiple points in the venue in case of emergency.